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Your Best Option In Canada

Imagine this, you are a person who would love to buy the house of his dreams, but there is a problem (like with everything in life). You have no idea how it all goes and you have no idea what you can afford with the money you are making at the moment.

You are wondering if you should go to a bank and talk to the people there so that you get a loan for your dream house. That will not be needed. If you live in Canada there is this company/website that can really help you out, but we will get there in a second.

The Mistake

When people go out to shop for their new house they make the mistake of going to the bank first. Why I’m saying that this is a mistake is because the people in the banks work for the bank and they don’t really care that much about you.


Who you need to visit is a licensed mortgage broker. That is who is going to help you out a lot more, and that is because he will be working for you.

What people don’t know is that the mortgage broker will take a deep examination of your finances and depending on that will give you the best options. This is good because you will not end up wasting your time going to houses you can’t afford or houses that will ultimately screw up your finances. The broker takes everything into consideration and they will give you amazing options that might end up being your perfect home.

What Website Did I Mention?

The website is called “Mortgages Undressed” and here is the website:

They take care of mortgages in Canada as well as mortgages in Calgary and they have an awesome website that is at your disposal 24/7. You can contact them there and if you are interested about the whole mortgage process you should check out the website.

There they have it all explained in such a simple way that you will not need to go to any other site to learn more. They tell you what you are going to be paying for, how much, and for how long. They also have video on their website that explains mortgages in Canada.

Here is the video

I have been talking about how this website has been so good, but none if it will matter if you don’t go out there and check it out. The next step you should take is checking out the website and at least hearing what they have to say on their website. I have heard good things about their services and I hope you will be the one to receive those good services.

Buying Houses In Germany

We all know that one of the biggest emotions of satisfaction that you can get is when you buy a house. But the thing is, that same house might lead to your downfall. You might be asking yourself “Why would the house I buy make my life worse?” Well this is because most of the time you are buying something you don’t need that turns into a liability. Day to day a lot of people make mistakes and buy the first house they see without knowing about the details, and if the person is not financially stable it can be a one way ticket to bankruptcy.

To make life easier for ourselves us humans have started learning to become real estate agents. Agents who know how to find the right house for the right person. But at the end of the day, that agent is a normal human being like you and me only with a bit more knowledge about the give problem. And like every other human out there, real estate agents can make mistakes.

The Good & The Bad

That’s why in this world there are good, and bad real estate agents. I’m not going to go over where you can find real estate agents in the whole world, but I am going to tell you about the good ones in Germany. Mönchengladbach to be exact.

The agency that I’m going to show you here is one of the best in Germany, so do check em out. The name of the agency is DIMA which is located in Mönchengladbach, Germany. They can serve you in English or in German, and they offer a tremendous real estate service.

I’m not going to do a full review on the agency, because you can check them out yourself on their website that I linked above, and if you don’t really trust my recommendations, then you can check out the rest of their recommendations that are located on their website.

D.I.M.A. Real Estate Agency

More From DIMA

If you are interested in learning more about the agency you can watch their official video. I hope you understand German, but if you don’t just call one of their employees and they can explain everything to you. Oh and they are a part of IVD which is cool!

Once again I would like to say that there are not a lot of agencies that offer a good real estate service. During my time with the agencies I have found a lot of terrible companies as well as a few diamonds in the rough. This agency is one of those companies. I highly suggest you try them out or go for a consulting session because at the end of the day, you have nothing to loose. I wish you good luck, and hope you find the house of your dreams!

I know I can

Read more, learn more change the globe. I’ve been listening to my favorite song by Nas these days and god damn I had to speak my mind a little bit.

The song is amazing, it tells you that if you truly commit and work today and everyday for what you believe you can become anything you want. It is truly inspirational and can change the way people think. That is art in it’s finest.

If people say that rap is nothing more than wasting brain space show em the song “I Can” by Nas, and watch em shut up!

The Start

The Truth

A lot of people quit just as they start, and this is not something you should be ashamed about, but it’s something you should aim to improve. Most people quit because they feel stupid. Yes, when they start with something new they have no idea what to do, (which makes sense) they start having difficulties (which makes sense) and all that leads to them feeling stupid and going back to their comfort zone.

The comfort zone is not a place where you can grow as a person in fact in makes you weaker while you stay in it, be anti-fragile, take control over your life and start making things happen. I’m not just here to critique your lack of determination, but I’m also here to help you get started because I want you to succeed in life!

How Do I Start Making Money

This is a question a lot of people have. Like I said a lot of people quit at the start because they are not determined so what do they do? Start easy. Start with the easiest things that you can think off and start earning money. Later start learning more and start expanding by investing in your ideas, by time you will go out of your comfort zone even more!

Take Surveys

I recently found an article about how you can make money off of the internet easily and I think that is the best place you can start. In the article it is talked about how you can make money online by taking surveys. No joke you are going to take surveys and you are going to get paid.

Like I said this is a simple way you can start earning money, but it is up to you what you do next.

I recommend you start learning about other online marketing methods as you are earning money by taking surveys, that way you will be able to start investing your newly obtained income right away.

Don’t be like the biggest percent of the population and blow your cash away. Be reasonable, save your money and then start investing it. You may not be making $10,000 by next month, but if you keep on persisting and investing you will be making that in a year for sure.

It’s an interesting story by Grant Cardone, in fact it’s his own story where he started investing at the age of 25 and he kept on pushing to become a synonym for sales. Be like him and persist, and I know that one day you will be able to say “I am successful”